Sushi Class

Sushi Class

Perfect for any occasion!

Interested in how to make sushi? Do you want to have a surreal experience taught by our team of talented sushi chefs? Sushi Rolling Classes are the perfect fit for any occasion! Classes are taught by our team of professional Sushi Chefs, approximately 2 hours long, you’ll cover all the basics of knife artistry, rice preparation, various seafood selections, and the techniques of rolling your own sushi at home. Participants will enjoy select sparkling sake & Sake pairings throughout the evening, to compliment your evening’s sushi selections prepared any created by you. Enjoy a unique opportunity, to experience a Sushi chef’s point of view, as your guests enjoy each & every bite crafted by you!

class information: Each class is approximately 2 hours in length.

Ticket for 2 is $140 plus Tax

Class location: Lockport,NY

Tickets may or may not be eligible for refunds.  your tickets are fully refundable
for three days after you purchase them, and up until Two weeks before the sushi class.

Perfect for all special occasions

Steak Stone & Sushi offers a variety of sushi classes taught by our professional sushi chefs. The classes last around two hours. Our Sushi Chef will give tips for the fastest way to properly prepare the sushi, pick the freshest seafood and vegetables and techniques to garnish the plates for fabulous presentation.

What you will learn from the class

  • Right way to prepare sushi rice
  • Pick the fresh sushi vegetable and prepare it.
  • Regular rolls
  • Special rolls

What you will get from class

  • Rice Vinegar, Wasabi, Seaweed Nori and a Sushi mat.
  • All the Sushi rolls you will make
  •  Tasting sparkling sake, flavored sake .premium sake, Hot Sake and Cold Sake taste

For more information or register for an upcoming class please contact Cathy Brown / Johnny Chi at 716-433-1459 or